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Kylie Davis is a leading commentator on the proptech industry whose research and insights help real estate and mortgage professionals embrace disruptive technology and understand the power of digital marketing to deliver amazing customer experiences.

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Kylie is an author on the latest reports measuring real estate and mortgage industry behaviour and tech adoption.


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The Proptech Podcast

Hosted by Kylie Davis

The Proptech Podcast explores innovation in real estate and the property industry. In each episode we introduce listeners to a proptech innovator who is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in real estate and explore the issues and challenges raised by the tech.

robot army 2020

6 predictions for real estate in 2020

2020 is the start not just of a new year, but a new decade. With the rise of proptech and so much technology enabling change to what we do and our customer expectations, it’s a great time to reflect on what could happen to real estate over the next five to 10 years from 2020 onwards.

From dramatically transformed franchise models, the death of the seller-principal model and mega offices dominating property services – here’s my take on how real estate will change over the next decade.

3 Startups Helping Agents Extract More From Their Data

One of the new essential skills of running a real estate agency is the ability to collect, crunch and manage big data. It’s now the ‘new oil’ helping agents identify leads, drive marketing efforts, win listings and manage performance.

Here are three super-smart startups that can help your real estate agency embrace big data.

How Venture Capital Is Changing Real Estate

Even venture capital funds are not immune from competition with new trends in funding – and new players – changing the dynamics of proptech and its capital, the INMAN Connect conference in Las Vegas heard.

Everything You Need To Know About Robots In Real Estate

Robots are no longer science fiction. They're real and in a real estate office near you.

This guide runs through everything you need to know about robots in real estate, provides some examples of automations and AI that are now being used and offers a roadmap of how to introduce bots to your workplace.

Proptech to help real estate agents survive Covid19

It's time for agents and property managers to look at what they need to do to go digital.

With multi-party inspections and auctions now shut down, real estate agents everywhere are looking for tech options to help them to continue to list, sell and manage properties digitally.  

Why groupthink is a problem in property

Equality and diversity issues are now business and productivity issues, not "women's problems".

Let’s stop talking about women in real estate.

Instead, let’s talk about confirmation bias. And groupthink. And a host of other accepted norms that are blindsiding us and holding us back from fulfilling our potential as an industry.





"World class educators take complex information and impart it in a simplistic way. Kylie is a great example of this success principle. She can have a profound impact on your team."

Rik Rushton 

"Kylie is a true original thinker in real estate who understands where the data, technology and human behaviour connect. She brings that to life for audiences. We loved having her speak at INMAN Connect 18 in San Francisco and Las Vegas in 2019"

Brad Inman



"Kylie delivers with wonderful content on consumer behaviour based on research showing what buyers and sellers are doing in the new world."

Tom Panos

"Kylie is a breath of fresh air to conferences in Australia, NZ and USA. Audiences love her rare ability to cut through the buzz-words, to deliver clear data backed presentations."

Peter Brewer

President REIQ and

INMAN Ambassador




"Kylie Davis is the Queen of Data and a personal and professional joy. She is master researcher, analyst, report writer and presenter. Kylie enables real estate leaders and professionals to make solid decisions based on factual insights. "

Tanja M Jones 

"Kylie is one of the most impressive people in the real estate industry. Her preparation and research skills are second to none, and she has the ability to take complex issues and break them down so anyone can understand them. And she's awesome on stage!"

Tara Christianson



"Kylie has been at the cutting edge of innovation and harnessing new technologies across the real estate sector. She is highly regarded by industry leaders and has contributed to countless public appearances, industry events and media commentary."

"Kylie is the authority when the industry requires information and data on Real Estate professionalism. She fills a gap on the property speaking circuit by freely sharing her research and providing data-backed insights into agent behaviour and what can be done to improve it."

Julie Davis

Agent Dynamics 


Kylie is the founder of the Proptech Association Australia, a not-for-profit trade association

that is a champion of the real estate technology industry and a leader driving the proptech conversation.