Why real estate makes us crazy 

Elephant in the Room podcast with Chris Bates and Veronica Morgan 

Find out about the psychology in property that makes us all go crazy, plus a fabulous 'dumbo' moment that my husband and I had when we bought our current home. 



What is big data and how can real estate agents use it to improve their prospecting and listings? I was delighted to host this on-camera panel discussion for Elite Agent on this hot topic with some of the best thinkers in the business from Quantium, Greater Data, Stepps and Starr Partners. 


Interview with Kevin Turner from REUncut on technology horizons and how to work out where disruption will come from next.


Interview with Kevin Turner from REUncut on the changing models of home ownership and equity that are starting to appear.


Could a robot take your job as a real estate agent? Here are four bots in the market and working in property right now. With Kevin Turner, REUncut.

What makes big data so big?

Every real estate agents has a database, so what's the difference between your CRM and big data? Article from Elite Agent Magazine. 

Update before you innovate 

If we all now spend an hour or more on Facebook and social media, why do agents still invest so much time and money in outdated marketing practices like letterbox drops? Article from Elite Agent Magazine.

Your wish is their command 

Technology is at a crossroads, where its promise of delivering us into a better world that is cleverer, more connected, more powerful and generally more cool, yet still requires an awful lot of hard work. But voice-activated gadgets can really make life simpler. Article from Elite Agent Magazine

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