Research & Reports

Kylie specialises in research and insights that tell a story to help you achieve your goals of thought leadership, technology adoption or customer experience. All research is delivered as part of a broader content marketing plan and can include media releases, blogs and social media posts. Kylie is able to craft questions and execute surveys, or examine existing research your team has done and advise on the stories it tells and how to execute a successful content marketing campaign around it to grow your business and win new clients.

Vendor Perceptions of Agents NZ

How are real estate agents perceived by the sellers who pay for their service? A look at the quality of customer service being received by vendors in the NZ market and how agents can improve it.

The Real eState Leadership 


We've all worked for a terrible boss, so what makes a good leader? This report looks at the quality of real estate leadership, what needs to improve and how leadership ties to profit and success. 

Buyer Perceptions of Real Estate Agents 

Buyers don't pay for the service of agents so why care what they think? This landmark report identifies the link between buyers and sellers and the importance of buyers in the referral cycle. 

Perceptions of Housing Affordability 

Australia has some of the most unaffordable property in the world. This report looks at the responses of thousands of Australians to find out what is making property so expensive and what governments should do about it.

The Future of Real Estate & Finance Industries Report

What are the key technology trends that are driving the disruption of the real estate and property industries and what should agents do? A look at how real estate is changing and how to embrace the change.

Vendor Perceptions of Agents 

How good are the experiences that property sellers have with real estate agents? This landmark report provides detailed insights into how real estate agents can improve the customer experience.