Speaking Engagements and Presentations

Kylie Davis is one of the best speakers on proptech, innovation and technology in the Australian real estate and property industries.

Her presentations are thoroughly researched, and her industry contacts and knowledge generously shared.

She is a bold and innovative thinker who can add extraordinary value to your next conference or training day providing new insights into the property industry and shaking up complacent thinking.


Who are the innovators disrupting your section of the industry? Kylie’s extensive knowledge of the proptech and realtech innovators together with the latest overseas learning provides unique insights into the changes that are coming across real estate and property.  


How are real estate agents perceived by sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants? Kylie presents the data from the Perceptions series of research that underpins what good service looks like, how much needs to change and how to implement it. 


From big data to fast data, robots to AI, iBuyers and property management, Kylie is up to date with the latest technology trends, and is able to explain how they apply to real estate agents on a day to day level


Content is the new marketing, but how does that actually work? Kylie cuts through the jargon and explains how to set up a content marketing plan that is automated and easy. 


The Perfect Property Conference!

It’s all about the content! Rather than try and think of a “topic”, a good way to approach it is to ask yourself 

“What do you want everyone who attends the conference to come away with?” 

What are the key messages you want them to learn and be inspired by?

My presentations cover the latest trends in proptech, overviews on new innovators, customer experiences and construction technology and are custom-made to achieve your goals as an event manager.

Speaking topics

I regularly update my speaking content with refreshed data and the latest overseas insights keep abreast of the latest trends, but below are some ideas to get you started.

How proptech innovators are changing how you do business – even if you ignore them
How real estate agents are perceived by sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants and how to improve your referral business

Leadership in real estate and how it’s tied to your financial success as a business

Robots, real estate and the startups agents need to know about now
How the property management industry is being disrupted and what to do about it.


$ 2500

plus travel 

Bespoke content tailored to your conference message

45 mins to 1.5 hours on stage

10 hours prep time including Zoom or phone conference

Can be two presentations 

or presentation plus panel hosting

Article on speaking topic for promotion or wrap up 

Slides available to attendees


$ 1500

plus travel 

Menu content from a range of regularly updated topics 

20 to 30 mins presentation 

Panel hosting option available

Reprint rights for an article on topic for promotion of your conference or wrap up

Slides available to attendees




“World class educators take complex information and impart it in a simplistic way. Kylie is a great example of this success principle. She can have a profound impact on your team.”

Rik Rushton 

“Kylie is a true original thinker in real estate who understands where the data, technology and human behaviour connect. She brings that to life for audiences. We loved having her speak at INMAN Connect 18 in San Francisco and Las Vegas in 2019”

Brad Inman



“Kylie delivers with wonderful content on consumer behaviour based on research showing what buyers and sellers are doing in the new world.”

Tom Panos

“Kylie is a breath of fresh air to conferences in Australia, NZ and USA. Audiences love her rare ability to cut through the buzz-words, to deliver clear data backed presentations.”

Peter Brewer

President REIQ and

INMAN Ambassador




Kylie Davis is the Queen of Data and a personal and professional joy. She is master researcher, analyst, report writer and presenter. Kylie enables real estate leaders and professionals to make solid decisions based on factual insights. 

Tanja M Jones 

“Kylie is one of the most impressive people in the real estate industry. Her preparation and research skills are second to none, and she has the ability to take complex issues and break them down so anyone can understand them. And she’s awesome on stage!”

Tara Christianson



Kylie has been at the cutting edge of innovation and harnessing new technologies across the real estate sector. She is highly regarded by industry leaders and has contributed to countless public appearances, industry events and media commentary.

“Kylie is the authority when the industry requires information and data on Real Estate professionalism. She fills a gap on the property speaking circuit by freely sharing her research and providing data-backed insights into agent behaviour and what can be done to improve it.”

Julie Davis

Agent Dynamics